Every building requires maintenance. And as in many cases it is better to prevent than to cure. A faucet that is leaking, a lamp that needs replacing, painting, partial or complete renovations, … InterFacilities takes care of it.


Office renovation

Every company evolves, in size and in way of working. InterFacilities ensures that your building evolves. Moving an in-between wall to create open space or place additional walls to provide compartmentalization or give the reception a new look. We would like to assist you. From ceiling to floor, we take care of it. Do you have plans? Feel free to contact us.


Handy service

Just like at home, small defects occur in every office building. From a loose hanging latch to a dripping tap. Usually it is not a big work and it is not easy for a professional to find a repair. InterFacilities saves you from those annoying defects. We offer a maintenance contract or you engage us when necessary. Take the defects on time, you will prevent greater damage.


Painting works – inside and outside

Quickly rubbing a layer of paint over the walls can be a solution to achieve a quick but also a temporary result. Painting, however, is a profession. To achieve a sustainable result that is also finished to perfection, more than one layer will have to be used. InterFacilities guarantees you a top result, both for inside and outside work.


Airco cleaning

Providing a regular maintenance of your ventilation systems is really not a luxury. Thanks to timely treatment, not only does the system’s lifespan last longer, it is also the right choice for your economy and it has a major impact on the air quality. Think about the health of all employees and invest in a healthier working environment.


Graffiti removals

No one is served with graffiti on the facades, windows or doors. Count on InterFacilities to remove these unwanted decorations in an efficient and lasting way. Contact us to see how soon we can help.


Sanitary management

Water, together with fire is undoubtedly the biggest enemy of any building. That is why it is important to prevent water infiltration by insufficiently maintained installations. But sanitary installations are also a sensitive issue for your employees and visitors. We are happy to take care for you of everything that is sanitary.



Internal or from point A to point B? InterFacilities takes care of relocations as you expect.

Put everything in boxes or disassemble, move and unload ! Simple anyway. Everyone can do this. There is, however, a lot more to see when moving than seems at first sight.

Good planning does wonders to make your move efficient. You hope to leave the office Friday evening and enter your new office after the weekend with a telephone that works and a PC that is connected to the network in the right way? You can trust us with this assignment.

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