Interfacilities has been active in cleaning for over 28 years. We offer our services throughout Belgium and Luxembourg and have experience in various sectors.

Government, education, healthcare, office, … big and small, unique location or multi-site, InterFacilities is at your service.

Our various services are carried out by specialized employees who support our quality image. Our clear planning,

thorough quality control and correct reporting ensure that the environment, with our customers, has the right image.


Office cleaning and maintenance

A clean and well-kept office promotes the working atmosphere. InterFacilities offers you qualitative employees who ensure that your activities can happen

in a neat environment. We offer our qualitative services during office hours but can also comply with your wishes in order to minimize impact on your organization. We can also maintain your office before or after your opening hours and during the weekend.

Contact us today, we will soon be able to keep your environment neat.


One-time cleaning

A business building is constantly changing. A renovation, a move, painting, or a refurbishment, the result is only finished when a thorough cleaning has taken place. We also take care of the cleaning before and after an event or an extra thorough cleaning of the buildings. InterFacilities offers this service within the office environment, the healthcare sector or in industry.


Cleaning of toilets and sanitary facilities

A well-maintained sanitary environment has a major impact on the well-being of the users; employees and visitors. InterFacilities thinks it is extremely important that these spaces are immaculate. Daily, weekly cleaning or even several times a day, for heavily used sanitary blocks? We can handle it.

Moreover, if required, we also take care of the product and stock management for the sanitary environment.


Carpet and floor cleaning

We clean or disinfect carpets and plain carpets in various ways. We use the best technology to match the quality of the carpet.

We also have the necessary material to thoroughly treat floors of different materials.


Wash and clean windows

The discipline with which our company started. We therefore speak from experience when we state that “neat” windows benefit the image of every company. In addition, clean windows provide more daylight and therefore happier employees.

If your windows are on the ground floor or in hard-to-reach areas, we do not care. Our window cleaners are well trained and equipped.

With pleasure we come to you on the spot and discuss your needs.

Contact us today, your windows will soon be as new again.


Facade cleaning

Over time, a facade loses its freshness. Pollution and weather conditions ensure that a façade looks worn. If it is a metal or PVC construction, InterFacilities will use the adapted technology to ensure that the façade looks like new again. Please contact us to check whether we can also let your façade shine again.


Wash and clean company car

Your fleet is an important part of your marketing. Especially if your vehicles are stickered with the company logo. Let your cars shine and convey a positive image for the company.

InterFacilities supports your company image. With our mobile car wash we come to take care of your vehicles. Interior, exterior, weekly or on-call? Contact us to make your cars shine.


Hardware cleaning

Drinking coffee or a quick bite at the desk. Don’t we all do it sometimes? But even normal daily use ensures that hardware earns a regular cleaning. The users will be grateful for it. Contact us and let your employees work on a clean keyboard again.


Solar panel cleaning

The sun is shining for everyone, she even gives us energy. We also use her to provide us with alternative energy. Well-maintained solar panels have a higher efficiency. It is therefore advantageous to clean solar panels on a regular basis. Just contact InterFacilities for a higher return on your solar installation.

Icon Cleaning in the care

Healthcare cleaning

Cleaning in the healthcare sector requires a specific approach. The requirements here are even higher than in an office environment. InterFacilities has the experience in different care environments. Are you looking for a qualitative supplier of cleaning in a hospital, nursing home or nursery you have come to the right place.

Icon EasyOx Ozone Cleaning (COVID 19)

Easyox ozone cleaning (Covid-19)

Use the ozone cleaning system Eaysox to completely disinfect your space. Interfacilities will help you meet the EEG requirements in no time.

Read more about Easyox

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